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Proven World Class Procurement and Supply Chain Management Strategies

ARISTON CONSULTING LLC in West Chester, Pennsylvania, provides innovative, proven, world class solutions to significantly elevate your procurement and supply chain performance. Henri Irrthum provides a full evaluation of your business practices and identifies areas of improvement that help you take advantage of essential opportunities.

Supply Chain Evaluation

Whether your products are shipped by air, barge, train, or truck, your company benefits from Henri Irrthum’s consulting services. He will provide you with solution proposals, that eliminate inefficiencies, implement industry best practices, and bring the total supply chain to world class status. 

Diagnostic Interviews

Henri conducts a complete diagnostic interview in person, and produces a thorough inspection of your logistics infrastructure including order delivery and fulfillment. This research covers the entire supply chain from suppliers, supplier to customers,customer.

Henri E. Irrthum - Supply Chain Management

Procurement Process

Henri helps you establish the "Visibility Grid" where all purchases and locations are listed. This gives you a clear understanding of your total "Outside Spend" and will allow you to design preferred procurement strategies for each one of your purchasing categories.
His detailed knowledge of procurement best practices will quickly crystallize major areas of opportunity and you will learn how to use your purchasing leverage to the fullest extent possible. Intense Standardization of purchasing practices and procedures, targeted Global Leveraging and Process Simplification will be areas of focus to eliminate non-value adding processes and achieve maximum business value.


Big Picture

Companies continuously evolve internally and externally in the market place. Therefore, sustaining world class procurement excellence is a major, daily challenge. Mr. Irrthum will analyze, evaluate and apply proven world-class procurement and supply chain practices to your business operations in order to achieve world-class status. He also will stay in contact with your leadership teams to ensure management processes are in place to maintain this world class status.

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