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Effective Business & Operational Safety Solutions

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Operational Safety

ARISTON CONSULTING LLC in West Chester, Pennsylvania, delivers the safety solutions your company needs to get ahead of the competition and achieve measurable, sustainable improvements. This approach fully involves your leadership teams in the process.  When you compare your safety performance within your industry and you find that you are below industry average or less than world class, you will greatly benefit from Henri Irrthum's help.

With an international career spanning over 30 years with the DuPont company, Mr. Irrthum has a unique knowledge of DuPont's world wide recognized, extraordinary experience and proven track record in industrial safety.

Additional Assistance

After recommended improvements have been agreed upon, Henri provides a full follow-up and visits regularly within the first 3 months to ensure that the recommended strategies are being implemented.

Leadership Structure

Business and Operations strategies need to be adapted to promote and support the changes identified above. Henri works with management to ensure these changes are being made, and will make additional recommendations, as needed, to enable the company to have world class safe operations in support of profitable business growth.

Contact Henri Irrthum for effective Business and Operations Safety solutions.